July 17th, 2012

Shoulder Pain

People with shoulder dysfunctions and injuries suffer constant pain, interrupted sleep and loss of range of motion. Postural strains often create an imbalance in the shoulder muscles making you prone to injury.  Postural strains can be caused by frequent computer use, driving and carrying a heavy bag. Shoulder tendonitis or shoulder bursitis refer to the condition that causes inflammation around the shoulder joint. This inflammation begins when there is an injury to the structure.  The longer there is inflammation present the worse the pain gets. As time goes on the shoulder will become stiff and more painful.

How To Treat Shoulder/Joint Pain

Shoulder pain relief can encompass several different approaches. Initially you need to address the source of the pain. Is your shoulder pain from tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, muscle tears, cartilage tears, instability or muscle imbalance?  If you have already been evaluated by your doctor and you are not experiencing the relief you want then you may want to explore therapeutic massage and corrective exercises.

Researchers at Auburn Hospital and Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney, Australia, found that soft-tissue massage improved range of motion, reduced pain and improved function in people with shoulder pain.

A study conducted to investigate the effects of soft tissue massage on range of motion, reported pain, and reported function in patients with shoulder pain. The results of this study showed massage significantly reduced pain and improved range of motion for abduction, flexion and hand-behind back. (Van den Dolder, P.A., & Roberts, D.L. (2003). A trial into the effectiveness of soft tissue massage in the treatment of shoulder pain. )

Corrective exercises, ice and pain relieving lotions can be part of your self-care routine. Rest, ice and pain relieving lotions are some effective methods in helping relieve shoulder pain. Look for a lotion with at least one pain-relieving ingredient, such as Arnica, wintergreen, menthol, or a Chinese herbal blend.  A full posture analysis can determine muscular imbalances and dysfunction. After your imbalance is determined a customized program of corrective exercises can be designed to improve your posture, function and balance.

Preventing Injury

The top three causes for shoulder pain are poor posture, weak muscles and engaging in an intense sport on an occasional basis. Doing so without stretching, corrective posture exercises, warming up before engaging in sports activities and strengthening your muscles can cause strains, sprains and tightness.  

At Charleston Therapeutic Massage and Wellness, we work with clients who are struggling with pain. We help them by significantly relieving pain and inflammation with therapeutic massage, corrective posture and fitness exercises, and healthy lifestyle coaching. Give us a call at 843-723-7005 for more information.

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