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Holiday Specials

Relax, we understand exactly how you feel! The holidays are hectic and we have the perfect solution to make it easy on you.  It’s one way to put a little calm back into your holidays.

We’ve put together your FAVORITE Charleston Therapeutic Massage services as Holiday Specials for a limited time. You can trust us to fulfill all of your gift expectations. Since 1992, Charleston Therapeutic Massage has provided restorative massage therapy, bodywork treatments and wellness programs. Each session is customized to support you and your loved ones to live an energized and passionate life to the fullest. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff of extensively trained professionals (minimum of 5 years experience) will assist you and your loved ones to enjoy an exceptional gift of relaxation, pain relief and vibrant health.


 1 Hour Relaxing Swedish Massage Holiday Special! 

It’s the perfect, thoughtful gift of relaxation and wellness.

$65.00 value for only $55.00!

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1 Hour Stress-Buster Massage Holiday Special!

We’ve created a one hour Stress-Buster Massage focusing on your neck, back and shoulders with Muscle Relief Aromatherapy included to make you feel fantastic. This special is always a hit! 

$90.00 value for only $65.00!

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Please give us a call at 843-723-7005 for more information, to purchase a gift certificate by phone, or to schedule an appointment. Purchase Instant Gift Certificates online and instantly send gifts to the special people in your life. Just personalize an Instant Gift Certificate, and then email or print and you are done. It will make every recipient smile and embrace the joys of massage and health.

Holiday Specials must be purchased by December 3, 2011.

Order your gift today!

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