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Boosting Our Immunity  

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a highly specialized technique using precise and complex hand movements to encourage the draining of lymph fluids. Using slow and gentle strokes with a rhythmic pumping action, the therapist follows the lymph pathways throughout the body to move the flow of lymph fluids and accelerate detoxification.  In comparison, normal massage techniques are much too forceful to allow drainage in the tissues and may hinder transport.

Practiced throughout Europe for decades, lymphatic drainage is a well documented method of stimulating the lymph system to activate fluid circulation, detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.  The therapy has been successfully used to alleviate conditions such as swelling (edemas) of many origins and chronic pain, as well as to detoxify and regenerate body tissues.

It is also effective for stimulating the immune system to improve chronic infections and inflammation such as sinusitis, acne, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is also beneficial for people scheduled for surgery to prevent swelling and speed the post-surgery recovery process.

Almost everyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage. It is a great treatment to boost energy and immunity, especially during the change of seasons.  Our lymphatic system can become blocked, causing fluids and toxins to build up, making us more susceptible to colds and viruses.  Our therapists recommend receiving a lymphatic drainage treatment every 2 – 3 months for maintenance and more often in times of illness or need.

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Bill Baurley, OwnerBill Baurley, Owner

Over 20 years ago, Bill Baurley found pain relief for his physical discomfort through natural holistic bodywork treatments.  His personal experience guided him to make a major lifestyle change and a new career path in natural health therapies.

In 1990, Bill decided to create a way to assist other individuals to find pain relief naturally. He enrolled in classes to study professional bodywork techniques while continuing to work his full time job. After he became Nationally Board Certified as a Massage and Bodywork Therapist, he decided to quit his job and open Charleston Therapeutic Massage. This was a huge leap of faith since he had a wife and family of three children to support. 

Bill is committed to providing techniques that positively affect the health and well-being of his clients. His studies are ongoing. He has over 10,000 hours of hands on Massage and Bodywork Therapy practice specializing in Clinical & Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. Bill is certified in Medical Massage Therapy.  He has completed four levels of John Barnes, PT, Myofascial Release Therapy,and four levels of The Upledger Institute, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release Therapy. He is a Postural Alignment Specialist, Corrective Exercise Therapist, Reiki Master/Educator, Body Talk Practitioner, and Reconnective Healer. Bill also developed and trademarked his own specialty bodywork technique, Empowered Body Therapy. Bill has  20 years of extensive natural health study.

Bill has an outstanding reputation as a healer. His practice offers traditional, focused massage for pain and specific needs. For those seeking a whole-body healing experience, he creates a unique session for clients whose minds are open to the concept that pain in one place may stem from somewhere else in the body. “It’s like being a private detective, finding new ways to get these releases, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, or energetically” he says. “When I combine techniques, the magic happens”.   He has found his technique integrates everything he has studied and provides his clients with the best healing results. This is especially true with the more complex health issues. His research and development of his system is on-going to fulfill his commitment to provide the optimal holistic experience for his clients.


jackieJacquelyn Baurley, Co-Owner

In 1999, Jacquelyn joined Bill as business manager at Charleston Therapeutic Massage. Their partnership provided them with an opportunity to develop a strong foundation and to grow into a larger facility with additional therapeutic practitioners. Together they could offer more services that targeted restoring and strengthening the health and well-being of their clients as a team effort. Their vision and mission became clearer and more focused on developing a massage and wellness facility that would enable them to promote healthy, balanced living through a staff of practitioners working as a cohesive team. 

Before joining Charleston Therapeutic Massage, Jacquelyn spent many years as a professional educator and staff member of a treatment team in a facility that provided education and therapeutic supportive services. Her experience proved treatment is often a team effort. She envisioned a way to create a cohesive team approach between individuals and the “team” of Charleston Therapeutic Massage professionals.

Allowing the dream to move to its next phase, Jacquelyn began developing ways she could empower individuals. She became an integral part of the “team” by going back to college for additional training in Holistic Nutrition with a concentration on  lifestyle and wellness. Her emphasis is on preventative care, nutrition, and stress management coaching. She provides information about resources, assistance with choosing an appropriate path of action, aligning customized restorative treatments designed to provide results, nutrition, stress management and self care education.  

Bill and Jacquelyn are committed to continue to enhance their skills, update their knowledge base and explore ways to help improve the quality of life for both their clients and community. They participate in fundraisers for charitable causes and are guest speakers at educational events.  They invite you to come and experience what they have to offer.

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